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DSP Consulting Engineers

09 - Mar - 2014

Consulting Build M&E Services Engineers


Mechanical Engineering Consultants

Founded on the 1st of January 1984, The DS Partnership (DSP) is an independent organisation that provides comprehensive consultancy services for all aspects of building, mechanical and electrical engineering services for public and private sector clients in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Our goal is to develop and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

We have earned an international reputation for professionalism, quality of service and innovative design and we are committed to achieving better value projects.

In addition to our work on standard building M&E services projects, we have unparalleled expertise in all aspects of service design for Automotive Engine and Vehicle Test Facilities, Climatic Chambers and Industrial Refrigeration Applications.

Our Company

DSP is a highly versatile practice comfortable with a wide range of clients and their design requirements relating to Building Engineering Services.

You, as a Client, can be assured of:

Impartial Advice - With no interest in manufacturing, marketing or contracting, you have the benefit of receiving completely independent and unbiased advice.

Innovation Based on Experience - With more than twenty years of experience in every aspect of design, construction and support, DSP can provide innovative engineering solutions for a wide range of applications, from commercial premises to listed buildings, from laboratories to vehicle/ engine test cells, and from sensitive building refurbishments to sophisticated high-tech applications.

The Convenience Factor - DSP's combination of services, together with the experience gained from working with our large client base, will give you an advantage in terms of convenience that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Listening Experts - We emphasise listening because we know it is essential to understand your needs. Once we know precisely what you require, we proceed until your work's scope, requirements, and specifications have been met.

Personal Service - Within this industry we understand the value of personal service and hence, at DSP, our clients can deal with the same person from the beginning to the end of the project.

Improving Your Performance and Bottom Line - Just as your project benefits from our expertise and experience, it stays on track because of our managerial skills. We are creative, flexible, communicative and committed to quality. We pay attention to details at the design stage, thus avoiding confusion during construction.

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